Two Useful How-Tos for Writers

How to bulk up your TBR list

Here are two insanely useful How-To posts I’ve discovered. Essential reading if you’re a writer. No, really.

1) How to interpret your rejection letters, from Seth Fried at Tin House:

I do have some experience receiving rejection letters as well. Granted, it is usually some sort of misunderstanding. I might receive a note informing me that I accidentally left the submission envelope empty or that the story I sent was so astounding that everyone at the magazine who read even one sentence of it ended up spontaneously ripping their own heads off. In this second scenario, I am usually contacted by the executor of the editor’s estate, who will also admit to being a big fan of mine and express an interest in reading the story, and then the letter abruptly ends…

2) How to bulk up your TBR list, from Steph Auteri at Ploughshares:

Then I went full-on rogue. I started working from home full-time, leaving the house only to buy groceries and go to yoga. And something funny happened. I wasn’t going to as many lit events. I was no longer reading Time Out: New York. But my to-be-read (TBR) list was ballooning.

My TBR list is already obscenely long and increases at the rate of at least one book a day. This is obviously a recipe for disaster.

(Image borrowed from the Ploughshares link.)

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